ScribFolders: The Paperless Paradise

October 10, 2022

ScribFolders Helps Schools Go Paperless

Online cumulative records management tool for schools saves time, money, and space


Pineville, NC – September 20, 2022 – Scribbles Software, a leading provider of K-12 records and enrollment software, is offering a cumulative records management system that simplifies the records access and filing process for schools.  ScribFolders allows school districts to move all of their student information files online as students matriculate, which means authorized personnel can have instant, secure online access to the information they need to support students.


 "Some of the biggest pain points for school districts who use paper records management systems are space requirements, security risks, long wait times to get needed records, and dealing with the inconvenience of housing records in different systems and locations,” said Marshall Simmonds, Scribbles VP of sales. “ScribFolders solves this issue. Moving to an online records management system also helps school districts better serve their families because as records accumulate from year to year, authorized staff members can access all the information that they need to support students quickly and easily, and districts can respond more quickly to records requests.”


Scribbles Software focuses on paperless processes, data security, choice management programs, and cloud-based solutions. Its software helps schools streamline K-12 student records and enrollment through a single, accessible, cloud-based system. ScribFolders is one of several tools that support records management. It streamlines the filing process, eliminates the need for transporting files, and protects records from data losses due to human error or catastrophic events that would damage paper records. 


To use ScribFolders, districts upload their paper records to Scribbles’ secure, FERPA-compliant system. The electronic record follows the student from grade to grade allowing authorized personnel to have immediate access to information needed to support each student. It provides district-wide document management for student records.


ScribFolders benefits include:

  • Reducing stress about the costs, space, risk and manual workflows needed to support paper file storage
  • Lessening the risks associated with paper storage while also ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Providing secure access to the data
  • Creating an easier, faster and more secure way to find files
  • Providing SIS integration and integration with Scribbles’ other products.



“Prior to ScribFolders, we were managing student records in filing cabinets, record boxes, and stored in multiple locations. This is generally the status quo for the majority of school districts. We were no different. This is a heavy lift for any school district,” said Scott Hansen, chief technology officer for the School District of Manatee County in Florida. “The transition to ScribFolders has created a central location for all student records where we now can leverage appropriate security controls at the school and district level to ensure educators have access to these records in a timely and efficient manner. Project Digitize is a game changer as we move forward in our journey to digitize all active and inactive student records, including personnel records. This has been a total team effort across our district. We are very pleased that we selected Scribbles Software to be our partner in this journey of digitizing our records.” For more information about ScribFolders, visit



 About Scribbles Software

Scribbles Software partners with K-12 educational communities to enhance, streamline, and simplify their student records processes to strengthen the family engagement experience. The company has helped more than 10,000 K-12 schools and districts with its online student records management, enrollment systems, choice programs, lottery management, and reporting. Scribbles Software helps its district partners provide equitable, open access to school district resources to students, families, and community organizations– beginning with PreK enrollment and continuing with digital transcript orders post-graduation.