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July 05, 2023

3 Essential Summer Tasks for K-12 Staff


In the midst of summer break, K-12 school systems are gearing up for the upcoming academic year. This article will delve into three essential tasks that can streamline K-12 operations and guarantee a seamless transition to the new school year. Additionally, we will dive into the importance of effective communication during holiday breaks and provide you with a valuable tip on how to achieve it.


Efficiently Rerouting Users for Seamless Access:

Rerouting users becomes a necessary task during staff transitions or changes in school locations. The process involves ensuring that individuals have access only to the schools and systems they are associated with, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information. By rerouting users, staff can process records requests and perform their duties effectively without interference. It's essential to understand the purpose and process of routing, as well as how to request and update routing information when needed within your system.


Managing User Routing - Best Practices and Tips:

To maintain accurate routing information, administrators, or users with specific permissions, play a vital role. Administrators should have the authority to request routing changes and ensure that users are assigned to the correct schools and systems. Software vendors will provide practical guidance on how administrators can access and manage user routing through the platform, including exporting user lists and updating routing information. By following these best practices, administrators can ensure that users are correctly routed and equipped to perform their tasks efficiently.


Implementing Holiday Away Messages:

Vacations and time away from the office are crucial for staff well-being, but managing expectations and communication with school communities during these periods is essential. Software solutions like ScribOrder offer a helpful feature called 'Out of Office / Holiday Message' that allows staff to configure personalized messages to post for site viewers. Users with granted permissions can access and utilize this feature, ensuring that stakeholders are informed about staff availability and response times. By implementing away messages, staff can enjoy their time off while maintaining transparency and managing customer expectations.


As K-12 staff fill the summer schedule, prioritizing system preparations can significantly impact the efficiency of operations for the upcoming school year (and years to come!). Rerouting users, effectively managing user routing, and implementing away messages are three key tasks that can streamline processes and enhance communication with all stakeholders. By following these strategies, school systems can ensure uninterrupted access to critical resources and provide exceptional service to their communities.



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