Efficiency with ScribOrder Essentials

April 30, 2024

Scribbles Software Expands its Services to Help Schools Process Their Student Records Faster

New ScribOrder Essentials option adds document-upload features


Charlotte, North Carolina – April 30, 2024 –  a leading provider of K-12 software solutions for document management, records processing, enrollment, and lottery management, announces major updates to its online records processing and payment system, ScribOrder.

ScribOrder, the company’s game-changing transcript service for K-12 schools, is now available in two options: ScribOrder Starter, which allows districts to receive and fulfill transcript requests using a secure online portal, and ScribOrder Essentials, which includes the upload of a school or district’s recent records into the Scribbles system to help records staff to more easily access recent student records for order processing and fulfillment.

“Schools and districts are often inundated with requests for student records and responding to them can be a time-consuming task,” said Misty Reinhardt, director of product management at Scribbles Software. “ScribOrder Starter helps streamline this process for records management employees and now, with ScribOrder Essentials, we’re able to offer even more value with our new services for uploading documents and retrieving records for school systems that have digital records for current students, but no way to process requests for them.”

Touted as a game-changer by districts across the country, ScribOrder Starter is a transcript service that features a secure online records processing and payment system.

ScribOrder Starter allows students, families or others to request a record quickly and easily via an online form, and for school or district staff to securely fulfill that request electronically.

ScribOrder Essentials simplifies the records retrieval process. Instead of staff members manually uploading individual records from their own systems to fill the records request, Scribbles uploads the school’s or district’s most recent records on a regular basis so staff members can easily retrieve them to fill records requests. They can retrieve and submit the record with one click without having to navigate to other programs or scan and upload the documents by hand.

ScribOrder Starter and ScribOrder Essentials drastically shorten the time it takes for K-12 districts to respond to student records requests, allowing them to process requests from students, alumni, families, and third-parties in minutes instead of days. People can request and verify records directly through the platform 24/7, which also means records staff are no longer inundated with verification calls and in-person requests.

ScribOrder Starter and ScribOrder Essentials also reduce the security risks that come with paper or PDF-based records-processing systems. Its secure, FERPA-compliant online platform utilizes identity authentication to gather, automate and protect student data. It can be configured to require electronic and digital signatures and file uploads for supporting documents such as a copy of a driver’s license, which adds another layer of security.

Additionally, ScribOrder Starter and ScribOrder Essentials provide convenience for payments. School systems can determine which requesters will pay for records fulfillment. Payments can be made directly through the ScribOrder platform rather than writing a check to a school. Because districts can set pricing for records requests and keep the proceeds, ScribOrder Starter and ScribOrder Essentials are also a convenient way for districts to generate revenue, which many use to fund the digitization of records and other important projects.  And, districts can add an option allowing users to donate to the district education foundation which is a great way to reach alumni when they request records.


To learn more about ScribOrder Starter and ScribOrder Essentials, visit scribsoft.com/scriborder


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Scribbles Software empowers education systems to provide life-changing opportunities to students and alumni. Since 2012, the company has partnered with K-12 educational communities to enhance, streamline, and simplify the student and family engagement experience through online student records management, enrollment systems, choice programs, lottery management, and reporting solutions. Scribbles Software helps district and charter school partners provide equitable, open access to administrative resources to students, families, and community organizations– beginning with PreK enrollment and continuing with digital transcript orders post-graduation.  Learn more at scribsoft.com.