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February 24, 2022

Data Security: It matters when IT matters

Protect sensitive K12 district data with secure records data management processes.



Cyberattacks have run rampant within the education system. It's likely your district, or a district that you know, has been, or will be, the target of a cybersecurity incident. Unfortunately, technology in school districts make student data incredibly vulnerable. Increased student and faculty activity online and in the cloud, paired with a lack of investment in security software, puts district software at the forefront for cybercriminals. 

Inundated with news of school district cyberattacks, we’ve noticed experts are often coming to the same conclusion: districts do not think of student data as something of monetary value, so they choose not to allocate sufficient funds and resources for its protection. According to a report from ManagedMethods and EdWeek Research Center of the hundreds of district administrators surveyed, 77% say they were not very concerned with data breaches or leaks. In regards to complying with government regulations, 79% reported not being very concerned and 43% said they either do not monitor for potential regulatory violations or do not know if they do. 

It may be hard to justify the spending to properly protect student data, but investing in secure software can guarantee safety from ransom attacks and possible legal consequences. And, ultimately, the security of private student information is priceless. 



Here are some ways to increase the security of district information:


    1. Invest in CJIS, FERPA and SOC2-compliant software to handle and protect student data. Scribbles Software prides itself on its level of security provided to K12 school districts. Our solutions have helped districts avoid security breaches and risks from natural disasters again and again.

    2. Establish a district reaction plan for any possible infringements to your data systems. Just like fire drills, emergencies are best handled when the team is comfortable with plans and procedures.
    3. Form a team of experts to monitor district-utilized software and report any suspicious activity. It's hard to fix a data breach when you do not necessarily know that it is happening!

    4. As students matriculate, districts are required to keep student information for a long period of time and that information needs to be encrypted. Hosted on Amazon Web Services, Scribbles Software Solutions provide 128-bit encryption, meaning data at rest and on the move is virtually unhackable.

In order to stay true to student data privacy policies, school districts need to invest in the proper protection software and consistently monitor system activities. If your district does not think it's at risk for cyberattacks, the time to start investing in cybersecurity practices was yesterday.