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February 09, 2023

Parent Stories You Can Relate To During Enrollment

Here are a few common stories district staff commonly see when parents complete and submit paper applications and forms.


PreK and K-12 student enrollment is an especially stressful time for families (and rightfully so!). Parents/guardians may be managing registration for multiple children, trying to figure out their schedules, and compiling a ton of documents and paperwork. It's a lot! Families of all shapes and sizes can be better supported with an online enrollment, choice application, and lottery management solution. Staff can benefit too. Not convinced? Read a few common parent/guardian stories below or download our Technology Guide to Online Enrollment, Choice, and Lottery Management to learn more about how districts can better support both staff and families with easier, faster, and more secure online solutions.




Eager Eloise

Eager Eloise has a two-year-old. She wants to contact her local school system to inquire about how her child can get into the accelerated kindergarten program. An online solution can guide Eloise through the process, timeline, and required documentation. Without an easy-to-use, family-centered solution, Eloise might be a frequent caller or emailer – but with an online platform, she has a user-friendly place to access school district information.






Frazzled Frank

Frazzled Frank is busy with a full-time job and a side hustle. He must enroll his children in school, but his hours don’t align with the school district’s traditional business hours. With online enrollment or choice applications, this is no problem, allowing him to enroll his kids in school and upload all documentation from anywhere, anytime – a huge relief for Frank and one less reason to be frazzled.






Timid Tina

Timid Tina has three children. She doesn’t speak English but has many questions about where and how to enroll them in school. When she visits the school district’s website, it’s a relief to find that the district offers an online enrollment platform that translates into her native language. Tina can learn about what the district has to offer and feel confident about enrollment and application processes.






You've likely heard stories similar to these repeatedly during peak registration and enrollment season. There's nothing worse for families and staff that feel unsupported by manual, difficult-to-use, and tedious applications and paperwork. Making the switch to a digital system relieves these pain points from both sides and enables both better productivity and better education.


Learn how other districts across the country are switching to a digital registration and lottery management system by filling out the form below.


Download The PreK-12 Technology Guide to Enrollment, Choice, and Lottery Management