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May 11, 2023

How Is School Choice Changing the K-12 Education Landscape?


School choice has been a hot topic in the K-12 education reform conversation for years. Although it has been around for nearly as long as public education itself, it has taken on new meaning in recent years, particularly when it comes to online K-12 enrollment software. School choice programs allow students and families to select the school they want to attend. 


Some school choice top trends changing the way K-12 school education works include its ability to help facilitate the enrollment process, parent involvement, and more. Keep reading to learn more about how school choice is changing the K-12 education landscape. 


Why Is School Choice Important?

In short, school choice programs are a way for parents to select which schools their children attend. All of these programs allow parents to choose the best education for their children, regardless of where they live. These programs give more control to families over what kind of school fits their needs and helps them reach their education goals. Choice creates the opportunity for students to attend schools outside of their neighborhood so they can receive a quality education from an effective teacher.


School Districts Are Offering Improved Resources

While states have been slow to integrate school choice into their existing systems, some districts are taking matters into their own hands by improving the experience of parents and students.


Using technology to make school choice easier

Districts with a robust website and an easy-to-use mobile application can help families find out about educational options, narrow down their top choices, apply for schools, and make sure they’re registered for classes at the new school.


Providing better information about school choice options

Having all relevant information available in one place helps families understand what makes each option different from another—and whether or not a particular program fits with their child's needs (whether that be academic or social).


Making information easier to find

Creating informational websites to make it easier for parents to find information about school choice options in their area. Many districts have created websites where they post information on open enrollment policies, as well as personalized advice based on factors such as income level or disability status—allowing parents who have never considered homeschooling before to learn exactly how it might work out for them before making any decisions about moving forward with enrollment.


School Choice Programs Improve the Enrollment Experience

If you’re a K-12 school choice program administrator, planning and implementing an effective marketing strategy will help you increase enrollment. There are many ways to market your school choice program. Some of these methods include using social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to share information about your school district's offerings.


Districts can also update their websites frequently with relevant information for parents. They need to make their websites easy to navigate so parents will find what they need quickly. They should include a calendar of important dates related to the enrollment process—such as when applications open and close and the deadlines for submitting them. It’s also important to include when acceptances or denials are sent in the timeline of events.


Essentially, making sure families have access to this information during the enrollment period will help them make informed decisions about whether or not they want their children enrolled in their district's schools. With the right tools and information, parents will lean toward your school resulting in an increase in enrollment. 


Types of School Choice Programs to Consider 

As school choice continues to change the academic landscape, it’s important to know and recognize different software that enhances the experience, especially if you’re taking your school choice program online.


School Choice Administrative Software

School choice administration software helps school districts with their student enrollment process. School districts use this technology because they want to provide an efficient and streamlined way for families to apply for schools.


Families can collect data about students' academic performance, attendance history, behavioral patterns, and more so that they can make informed decisions about which schools they’re eligible for based on the criteria that are most important to the school.


Learn More about ScribChoice and how it will improve your enrollment process. 


Enrollment Software 

K-12 records and enrollment software is a fantastic way to manage school choice. It helps you keep track of students, transfers, and which schools are open or closed. K-12 records and enrollment software allow you to keep track of all your students so that you can be sure they have the best education possible throughout their time at your school district.


At Scribbles Software, we offer ScribEnroll as an option. 


Transfer Software 

These programs automate the transfer of students from one school to another, whether it is due to a change in residence or because they have been accepted into a magnet or charter school. 


Schools improve the student selection process by creating a centralized database where students' applications can be matched with vacant seats in nearby schools. For example, if you live within 3 miles of an underused high school, but your child attends another school 10 miles away. This ensures that every student has access to quality education no matter where they live!


Our ScribTransfer software offers all of this and more. 


School Choice Is Changing School Dynamics 

School choice is a growing trend in K-12 education.


More states are allowing charter schools, virtual public schools are becoming more popular, and homeschooling is increasing in popularity. School districts are working hard to improve their outreach efforts and provide more tools and information for parents to feel confident in school decisions, hence increasing enrollment. 


As school choice becomes more popular, it's important to understand the role that technology plays in making this process easier for families and educators and invest in the right software!


Contact us to learn more about improving your district’s school choice options with Scribbles Software.