October 13, 2021

Host a Virtual Program Choice Fair

Engaging families and students should be fun! Host a Virtual Program Choice Fair to celebrate the success of your programs and the benefits to students. Here are a few ideas that your team can use to plan your upcoming Fair:

1. Parade Your Programs

• List programs offered in your district
• Include a link to a video or website
• Display key information
• Always add awards or recognitions

2. Get Creative

• Ask each program to create a 2-3 minute highlight video
• Share program videos with families and students

3. Use the Family Dashboard

• Keep families updated
• Post application dates
• Inform families of lottery dates
• Share the best way to contact someone with questions

4. Tips for Live Hosting

• Build-in time for visiting
• Present in-depth information about the programs and any requirements
• Be available for Q&A or have an FAQ page ready
• Find unique ways to show families classrooms (e.g. use a GoPro or pre-recorded video)

5. Refresh & Update ScribChoice Page

• Include the requirements to apply and attend
• Include entrance documentation or agreements
• Highlight key information or facts families need to know

Don't forget... We're always here to help! Contact us below if you need anything.