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May 11, 2023

5 Reasons to Offer High School Transcripts Online


For every K-12 school district, college is, more often than not, the ultimate goal. And the beginning of each college application journey starts with the high school transcript.


So it’s important for graduating high school seniors, transfer students, parents, and school administrators to note that colleges are increasingly looking for online transcripts.


In 38% of post-secondary schools, they automate the process specifically for electronic transcripts. This is a top priority when admission decisions are so competitive, like with private not-for-profit schools (AACRAO). We only expect this number to trend up with time.


Here are five reasons why your district needs to offer high school transcripts online.


1. Online records are more convenient

Convenience is the name of the game.


Offering an online transcript service means it can be ordered 24/7, instead of during regular office hours (9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday). They’re more accessible for many students, alumni, and families with scheduling conflicts during traditional business hours. It also means you can get results within minutes or hours, compared to days or even weeks.


Online transcripts ensure there’s plenty of time for meeting the application windows for colleges. Satisfying state regulations for how long a records request should take is no longer a concern with an automatic digital system.


School administrators can support and empower the future success of students by providing an online transcript service that allows them to take advantage of the secure, electronic, and automated process.


2. Online transcripts reduce administrative costs

Usually, schools will charge a fee for official transcripts to account for the cost of printing the transcript, sealing and mailing it, and administrative time.


Some districts don’t actually charge for this. Instead, they endure the cost and provide this service at a loss. With ScribOrder, they can not only reduce costs, but they can also generate revenue. Going online will streamline the process and reduce costs, as they send the records electronically and automatically. 


3. Online records are fast and accurate

With an online transcript service like ScribOrder, students won’t have to worry about mailing delays or shipping deadlines.


Sending transcripts online in real time ensures the information is the latest and most up-to-date. It also enables students to keep track of all their applications in one central location. 


For students applying to several colleges, it ensures a streamlined application process for one of the most important markers of their student record—their high school transcript. Making transcripts easy to order online will go a long way toward making the high schools in your district college-friendly.


4. Online transcripts are secured with cryptography

An online transcript system makes sending transcripts much safer and private. 


Transcripts hold sensitive data like names, dates of birth, addresses, social security numbers, and grades, among others. With software like ScribChain, colleges know the student transcript information is authentic, verified, and official. Features like order tracking provide the added benefit of confirmation receipts.


There is no risk of items getting lost in the mail, or worse. Catastrophic events like fires, floods, and hurricanes have a history of destroying paper copies in transit. Online transcripts are safe from natural disasters.


5. Online records streamline applications for scholarships and more

It’s not just college applications that require student transcripts. Often, scholarships, internships, and employers will request a high school transcript. They want to determine a student’s character and performance by checking things like grades, attendance, teacher comments, and extracurricular involvement.


An online transcript service helps students and families track and manage their ongoing applications in one central location. This is a very busy time in their life and helps them keep tabs on which projects to follow up on.


Final thoughts

Keep in mind that colleges are fielding applications from tens of thousands of students.


Sending student records and transcripts electronically helps ensure they don’t get lost in the deluge of mail. Students, parents, and colleges alike will thank you for your foresight in investing in industry-changing software like Scribbles Software. 

If your school or district is looking to move records requesting online, check out our records management technology guide to help with deciding on a solution that works before your staff, students, and families


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