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February 09, 2023

5 Essential K-12 Budget Resources


Are you tired of feeling like your department is constantly being left out in the cold during budget season? Do you wish you had the tools and knowledge to effectively advocate for the resources and support your team needs? Well, we’ve got you covered! Equip yourself this Budget Season with our 5 essential resources.


1. Beat Those Budget Blues  

Relax... best practices for budget planning are at your fingertips! Watch our quick and informative webinar with Dr. Bridget Jones to learn about strategic decision-making and the importance of goal-setting. You'll also learn ways to advocate for tools that benefit your students and staff. 


2. The Ultimate Guide to Records Management

As district teams work together to plan for new budgets, costs for new software tools often need to be justified to ensure everyone is making the right decision for the district, staff, and students. Download The Ultimate Guide to Records Management and Transcript Processing to discover how you and your team can ensure they are considering the right tools AND making a strong case for that extra line item in the budget.


3. ESSER Funds $hopping Spree

The deadline to use ESSER funds is quickly approaching. Underused funds can result in the loss of future funding opportunities and may mean that a district is not able to fully achieve its goals and objectives (😔). See if your idea for a budget item is included in the allowable uses for ESSER funds and don't let them go to waste!


4. Maximizing Efficiency: Your Guide to Online Enrollment, Choice & Lottery Technology

Looking for solutions for advanced lottery management and online enrollment within budget restrictions doesn't have to drive you mad. Get insight into solutions for those challenges and even receive a checklist of things to look out for as you look into vendor partners in our exclusive Guide to Online Enrollment, Choice & Lottery Technology.


5. What's All That Crunching? 

Hear that? Money talks! Are you planning for the budget season or considering eliminating manual, paper-dense processes? Gather some data, crunch some numbers, and find what's best for your district by downloading our budget planning template and estimation calculators.*


*If templates do not download directly, click into the search bar and press enter to initiate the download.


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