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September 07, 2022

4 Reasons for Taking Enrollment Online


Enrollment is one of the most important choices parents make every year for their children, so you want to ensure the process is convenient and stress-free for them, especially after the pandemic, which greatly exacerbated education inequality. 

Below are four reasons why taking your enrollment online with a software solution like ScribEnroll ensures that students, families, districts, and schools have a better experience with the process and start the school year off right.



Taking enrollment online means that parents will have easier access to the process. They won't be required to show up to the school on certain dates, which can be difficult to coordinate with work schedules and childcare or be asked to mail documents by certain dates. Removing these complications allows parents to participate in their child's enrollment more easily.

Also, Scribble's online enrollment software is mobile-friendly, which means parents don't even need a computer to fill out the paperwork – a big win for accessibility. They can enroll their children wherever and whenever they have access to a smartphone. Another benefit of this feature is that enrolling their kids in school will resemble countless other mobile-friendly processes parents are familiar with, hopefully making the process clearer to them. 


Language Options

Moving your enrollment online means schools can improve how they communicate with households where English is not the primary language spoken. Some school districts serve many children whose parents don't speak English. This language barrier should not stand in the way of children receiving the education they deserve. Scribbles Software offers translation into 132 different languages, meaning parents can make informed choices about their child's enrollment, no matter what language they speak. 


Organization & Security

Enrollment is a stressful and burdensome undertaking for most schools as it involves handling paperwork, storing files, and managing many moving parts. School districts can serve thousands to hundreds of thousands of students, meaning they must handle, evaluate, and store a high volume of paperwork. This is a labor-intense, expensive, and time-consuming process. Instead of relying on outdated and unsecure forms of organization like manila folders and filing cabinets, online enrollment ensures that schools can safely handle the high volume without as much stress. Plus, with a solution like ScribFolders, enrollment application data can be stored over time, which can be incredibly helpful for authorized staff like nursing, McKinney-Vento, ELL, school counseling, and more to access.



As mentioned above, enrolling students with paper documentation involves employees reviewing a lot of paperwork and transferring this information into their systems. This method can lead to human error, as Stephanie Archer, director of Open Enrollment at Charter and District Schools in Brevard, FL points out in her case study. Taking your enrollment online allows software to take over this job and to review and transfer students' enrollment information, decreasing the number of mistakes and subsequent inconveniences. 


To better serve families and reduce the strain on resources, school districts should consider taking their enrollment online. Not only will families and their students benefit from easier access, but school and district staff will also benefit from how the software streamlines the process for them. Scribbles offers software that will make this transition from paperwork to digitization easy. You can read additional school district case studies and interviews to find out more


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