September 09, 2021
ScribChoice, ScribEnroll

In-App Status Notifications

Knowing is half the battle. We have added In-App maintenance and issue status notifications.

View ScribChoice system status at any time via:

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 2.36.01 PM-2

Subscribe for Status Notifications

Simply click the 'Get Updates' button and choose to be notified by Email, Text (SMS), or Slack.



In-App Notifications

In-App Notifications depend on Issue Type and Status. If the issue type is a performance issue or scheduled maintenance, then we will definitely update users within the application. All other status updates will be displayed on

Notifications will be displayed at the top of the Consumer Screen, the Sign-In Screen, and the Application List View.

Status Types
We will publish status based upon the following phases of an 'unplanned' issue:

image (28)-2

We will publish status based up the following phases for a planned or 'scheduled' maintenance:

image (29)-2

Banner Notifications

In-App notifications will be sent via the notification banner at the top of the screen. A few examples of the notification are noted below.




NERD ALERT: When I was young, every episode of G.I. Joe ended with a character saying, "Knowing Is Half the Battle." He was right. Now we will continue our focus on making things great.

Browser Support
Fully tested across all modern browsers.

Enjoy the new functionality, but let's remember that great ideas start with you!

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