Product Spotlight: ScribTransfer

Are you tired of managing student records requests from other school systems through multiple channels like email, fax, phone, and postal service? Are you looking for a solution to simplify staff verification and ensure student data privacy during records transfers?

Join us for an exclusive product spotlight session on ScribTransfer, the ultimate solution for streamlining student records transfers between K-12 school systems!

In this webinar, we'll explore how ScribTransfer can help your school system:

Streamline Processes: Manage records requests from other school systems through one online system, simplifying the entire process.
Simplify Staff Verification:
Easily verify school system staff to ensure records stay secure and private.
Protect Student Data Privacy:
Ensure student data privacy and prevent document loss through a secure online platform with configurable user permissions.
Secure Document Transmission:
Send documents securely to the student’s new district, charter school, virtual academy, or private school in minutes, not days.
Track Document Status:
Keep track of document status and activity through an audit trail and automated messaging to recipients.
Gain Insights into Student Movement:
Obtain valuable insights into student movement to prevent transfers, ensure accurate dropout and graduation rates, and make better program decisions.

Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize record transfers in your school system and ensure students' information travels safely and swiftly to their new academic homes.

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