December 29, 2021
Family Engagement

12 Screen-Free Family Activities for Your Winter Break


The holidays are now in full swing which means Winter Break is quickly approaching! Anticipated by students since the first day of school, this mid-year break means kids will be home for the holidays and looking to have some fun!

The iPad guilt is REAL, friends! We're excited to help you break away from that with some easy-to-implement, interactive activities in four fun categories: 

Fun With Household Items, Activities For Keeps, Outdoor Fun, Tasty Treats


Note from Us:
If you are able to be home with your kids, you can participate in these activities that we have listed. If you cannot be at home, you can print out our fillable activity list or to-do list for your children to reference while you’re away.


Fun With Household Items


1. 'Ole Faithful - Blanket & Furniture Forts

Tips and Tricks:

• Use chairs for height and stability

• Laundry hampers, ottomans, and boxes can also serve as structures for the fort

• Use books or large binder clips to ensure draped blankets do not fall


2. Homemade Obstacle Course

Course Ideas:

• Use tape to create a track and other obstacles like hopscotch or a balance beam on the floor

•  Cut boxes and line them up to make a tunnel

• Make a limbo obstacle with a broomstick two barstool chairs


3. Create a Custom Sensory Box

Box Item Examples:

• Raw noodles, rice, shredded paper, popcorn kernels

• Measuring cups, Tupperware, empty toilet paper rolls, plastic eggs

• Puff balls, play-doh, pipe cleaners 




Activities for Keeps


1. SLiMe Time

Here's how you make it!

Consider adding these items...

• Beads

• Glitter

Slime charms


2. Friendship Bracelets

This is a great "holiday gift" idea for your children to give to friends!

Bracelet Essentials:
• Letter/number beads
• Shaped beads
• Colored beads (big and small)


3. Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Decorate your house and keep your children occupied? We think yes!

Fun Additional Ingredients:

• Gems

• Different colors of paint (or mix and create new colors!)

• Puffballs, cotton balls, fake snow

• Glitter



Outdoor Fun 


1. Go for a Walk!

Here's more information about walking with kids!


2. Sidewalk Chalk

Enhance the Experience:

• Make a bike or scooter course in the driveway

• Create a mini town for kids to play pretend with siblings and friends

• Draw a hopscotch game or a tic-tac-toe board


3. Utilize the Snow (if you have it!)

• Make an igloo

• Create a snow slide for a sled

• Go sledding at a hill near you




Tasty Treats


1. Make Homemade Ice Cream (in a bag!)

A science experiment with a yummy treat at the end! 🍦

Here's one way to make it!


2. Create a Menu & Cook Together

Make a Plan:

• One meal with a few courses and/or

• One meal each day of the week


3. Bake Holiday Cookies

Decorating Ideas:

• Cut them into shapes with cookie cutters

Make icing and create colorful & tasty designs

• Most importantly:  ADD SPRINKLES!



As promised, we have created some printable activity and to-do lists for you to fill out for your child(ren) to reference! Sometimes children just need to be given an idea in order to find their next activity and we hope some of the ideas that we have provided will spark some interest in your littles.


P.S. It's normal to feel anxious about the upcoming Winter Break! We know this time of year can be tough for families, so we hope you find this blog post helpful at your home.

P.P.S. We created a special coloring page for you to print and share with your children--Have your children color the page and submit their final masterpiece below for a chance to win a special prize ✨

Submission Deadline: 1/1/2022, 5 PM EST

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