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October 31, 2023

Strategies for Efficient Records Management with Scribbles


Managing records in K-12 schools and districts can be a logistical nightmare, especially with antiquated paper-based processes.

Lost time, increased security risks, and mounting frustration are common consequences, diverting valuable resources away from more important matters.

Fortunately, Scribbles offers a solution that revolutionizes records management, saving time, enhancing security, and improving life for staff and families.

Let’s explore how Scribbles helps your team become more organized and efficient.


Records management webinar recap from Scribbles

Scribbles Account Manager Kelly Plourde recently hosted a webinar explaining efficiency records management.

Plourde’s role is to make sure that clients are using Scribbles products in the way that will be most effective for their district. 

She streamlines administrative processes so districts can focus on the education of students. A better management strategy is one way to get there.

Let’s explore the main learnings from the event below.


Scribbles assists administrators with records management

Scribbles offers a complete product suite to streamline various administrative processes. Moving these processes online reduces processing time from days to mere minutes.

ScribOrder is the Scribbles solution for ordering and processing student and alumni document requests online. ScribOrder brings relief to K-12 schools and districts by eliminating the need for verification calls and in-person requests. This platform simplifies online payment collection, significantly reduces records processing time, and minimizes security risks.

With Scribbles, you send transcripts and other records electronically. You or your designated staff members with access to the system will receive a “daily kickstart” email to notify them of new records requests.


Records management in action with Scribbles 

Once you log into the system, you’ll be able to fulfill those requests. You can create filters to prioritize and organize documents when a request comes through.

To ensure nothing slips through the cracks, you can monitor and manage unread notifications and requests through one platform. If your school system requires signed releases, you can mandate IDs and signed releases for requests within the platform.

To fulfill requests, ScribPrinter is a feature within the Scribbles system that enables you to “print” documents digitally by sending them from your desktop or another file to the Scribbles system through the “Print” functionality on your computer, eliminating paper-based costs. 

After digital printing, administrative staff can send records to the requester or higher education institutions that are part of Scribbles’ vast network, which are marked with a green leaf icon next to their name in our system.

Additionally, ScribTransfer offers a convenient way to securely share documents with other FERPA-compliant schools or districts searching for records. By utilizing ScribTransfer, your team retains control over the information and access you provide, ensuring FERPA compliance while significantly reducing the time it takes for your staff to send gather student information.

Staff can also edit addresses for accurate record delivery using Scribbles


ScribOnline picks up where ScribPrinter leaves off

When ScribPrinter falls short of your needs, turn to ScribOnline, your centralized hub for accessing electronic alumni and staff records.

ScribOrder empowers you to efficiently process both active and legacy records requests within your district. If your district deals with a substantial volume of legacy information, adopting ScribOnline proves particularly advantageous.

ScribOnline grants access to all your legacy electronic documents, especially when ScribPrinter alone may not suffice. Moreover, it's not exclusive to student records; other departments can harness its capabilities for their own information management needs.

Simply click the "Search ScribOnline" button to gain access to your records, making it especially valuable for digitized microfilm, historical SIS transcript data, and scanned paper records.

This resource proves beneficial not only for maintaining current student and recent graduate transcript records but also for managing extracurricular records. Furthermore, it's not limited to student records; other departments can establish their own access.

Rest assured, ScribOnline offers comprehensive security measures and a robust audit trail to protect your data. You can also specify your retention requirements with precision.


ScribFolders for current student records management

ScribFolders gives you a path to manage all current student documents electronically. If your district has already invested in electronic enrollment and registration, ScribFolders is the next step forward in digitizing your processes. 

Every document in a student's permanent record is securely stored and easy to access. ScribFolders complements your district's policies and procedures. For example, approved staff will be able to add a digital record to a ScribFolder and share that information within your district or across others. 

If you still have any records living in physical folders, start outlining a 4 to 6-year plan to digitize them. ScribFolders integrates with ScribOrder and ScribTransfer, making it easy to print and share digital documents.


Records management tips

Plourde outlined the following records management best practices:

  1. Establish policies and procedures
  2. Ensure records are easily accessible
  3. Archive records meeting specific criteria (permanent & highly active)
  4. Create and maintain a records retention policy
  5. Have an audit trail of all activity
  6. Use software to make your life easier
  7. Train your staff
  8. Bring in experts as needed
  9. Ongoing learning and education


Scribbles guides schools through many of these practices.

We relay notifications to verification companies on behalf of your district, indicating the use of Scribbles for processing and verification requests. Our team also revises and maintains approval and denial templates.

Furthermore, we provide training to your staff on acceptable criteria using ScribCheck.

Scribbles encourages admins to utilize two reports, namely aging and daily wrap. They should actively monitor the "manage users" tab to ensure that designated staff members have exclusive admin access.

Users can choose to either implement daily kickstart emails to be notified of new records requests comingin, or opt to remove them if they have another system in place. Implementing single sign-on eliminates the need to remember passwords. Staff should proactively review the fees charged and funds collected.

Make the most of the software to actively automate the manual aspects of your job.


Scribbles support and customer success tools

It's essential to remember that Scribbles support is always available for both you and your requesters. Our dedicated team is committed to providing timely assistance and ensuring your experience is seamless.

We highly recommend nominating a ScribCoach for each of our products to get the most out of Scribbles. These representatives serve as subject matter experts for their respective solutions and are invaluable resources for troubleshooting and optimizing your usage of Scribbles' tools.

Our ScribCoaches actively participate in Scribbles' office hours and engage in recorded sessions, continuously updating their knowledge to better assist you. It's also crucial to have a designated Scribbles administrator who can efficiently manage user access, ensuring your team has the appropriate permissions.

If you ever require support beyond your staff's capabilities, don't hesitate to contact the Scribbles Team through various communication channels. You'll have a dedicated client account manager who will act as your main point of contact and serve as your Scribbles champion, ensuring your specific needs and challenges are addressed effectively. We are here to provide the assistance you need to succeed with Scribbles.


Improve records management strategies with Scribbles

Effective records management in K-12 school systems is paramount but often plagued by inefficiencies and security risks.

Scribbles offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges, revolutionizing the management of records and improving the lives of staff and families. By embracing Scribbles' suite of products and expert support, educational institutions can streamline processes, enhance security, and focus on what truly matters: providing quality education.

Say goodbye to your days of fumbling through folders, PDFs, and microfilm. Scribbles helps K-12 schools transition away from inefficient and insecure processes holding them back.

We offer a full suite of products that supercharge your records management strategies.

Discover how Scribbles can help your district improve its processes and unique needs and schedule a demo today.


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