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May 12, 2023

4 Benefits of Student Record Management Systems


Every school in America has thousands of student records to manage. 


There are 130,930 K-12 schools in the US, and about 2,618 K-12 schools per state, with an average public school enrollment of 528 students per US school in 2020, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). When each student’s record can fill a series of folders, it quickly becomes a lot of pages to track for district administrators and school personnel.


What is a student record management system?

A student record management system or student record system—is a software solution that manages student data. It’s typically used in educational settings. In essence, it’s a digitized version of a student’s file. Records that would otherwise contribute to racks of manila folders in rows of filing cabinets.


No matter the size of your student population, a student record management system like Scribbles Software will help your school district stand out as a trusted leader in school district technology in this quickly digitizing world.


Why should schools invest in records management? 

They design school records management systems to store, retrieve, and transfer data easily. They fill in the gaps left behind by student information systems (SISs) that focus on day-to-day operations. With a records management system, schools supplement their existing platforms with benefits they’re missing, including:


  • Capturing cumulative records as students matriculate
  • Processing records, e-transcript requests, and payments
  • Transferring student records across districts and systems
  • Tracking and routing digital signatures with secure Blue Ribbon Digital Certification
  • Sending verified student records and e-transcripts to colleges, universities, and third parties
  • Making better program decisions by understanding student traffic in and out of the district


Let’s explore the positive benefits that come from upgrading with a records management system like Scribbles.


1. Peace of mind

Having a central student record management system will make life and school that much easier, not just for staff and teachers, but also for parents and students.

ScribFolders is the cumulative folder solution for schools. When students are registered, and forms are completed, all the files are stored in one convenient place. Their digital documents then follow students as they grow older.

Keeping track of all the important paperwork is easier, faster, more accessible, and more secure. Instead of scrambling to collect and organize important files, staff and families have the peace of mind of knowing everything they need is a couple of clicks away.


2. Better bottom lines

When counselors aren’t chasing down a 504 plan, nursing isn’t hunting for health records, or records staff doesn’t have to drive to an off-site location to retrieve an older record, they are free to focus on what really matters: education and serving students.


Switching over to a student record system might seem like an enormous undertaking, but it’s an investment that will pay for itself with time. Sometimes quite literally. Solutions like ScribOrder can charge third-party vendors seeking employment verification for student records requests, generating revenue for a district.


Automated systems allow your educators and staff to focus on their professional duties instead of being distracted by administrative tasks. 


3. Guaranteed security

Inevitably, when student data is congregated in one place, security becomes a concern. Filing cabinets come with the added risks of fires, floods, and other disasters that can destroy vulnerable records that may not have backups.


Furthermore, data privacy is increasingly important. ScribChain uses blockchain technology to protect student data. It automatically guarantees the authenticity of student records like transcripts. School officials and parents alike can take comfort in knowing student records are protected by the highest information security available.



4. Future-oriented

Electronic systems help to prepare students for the future. Most school districts identify preparing their students for the 21st century as a value in their mission statement. Going digital will ensure all systems are adhering to the objectives of their district missions. 

Implementing this technology makes it easier to compete. We don’t want to lose students to competitors with more sophisticated systems, like the charter school or specialty program next door. Set your district apart as an educational leader by using a student record management system.


Scribbles Software has something for every K-12 school district wanting to up its game in this challenging education era. Chat with us to learn more.


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