October 13, 2021

3 tips for hosting drive-through enrollment events this school year

The traditional enrollment processes--you know, the one where you pack up your child, remember to grab a snack, hop in the car and head to school, remember that you forgot a toy/distraction, unload your child, then realize you left their birth certificate at home...  has evolved.

Online enrollment is so accessible for families. Processes are painless to complete and securely submit applications at anytime and from anywhere. Exciting, right?

Double bonus, the process is paperless. That means you're able to better-serve families onsite who may need assistance when enrolling.

Enrollment Fair1Our partners at New Hanover Schools in North Carolina recently held an enrollment event for families (pictured).

Here are 3 tips on hosting a drive-through enrollment event:

1. Be Tech Ready

The one thing you'll want to have ready to go beforehand is your technology equipment. For those conducting actual drive-through enrollment events, we recommend using iPads or other small Wi-Fi compatible devices. Get creative! But we don’t recommend relocating the computer lab to the parking lot. 😜 

*Families utilizing your drive-through event may already be intimidated by technology. Ensure staff helping with the event are familiar with the site and tools being used for a smooth experience!

2. Double (or triple) Up!

We know how tough it can be to get family attendance at a school event--another reason we love online enrollment; so instead of inviting families to additional enrollment events, add a designated area for families to complete enrollment at events that have already been announced and scheduled.

Some ideas we have are:

  • curriculum nights

  • book fairs

  • athletic events

3. Ah, Yes, I Remember That Date

Family calendars can get pretty hectic, amiright? Be sure to consistently and simply communicate dates with your families where enrollment specialists will be onsite. And of course, about any other enrollment events you're planning. (If you let us in on the dates, there may be a surprise headed your way...)  


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